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“  We can’t thank you enough for your work. I wish all filmmakers had the same mindset. We truly, truly appreciate this.” 

- Al Jazeera English



Esko Ketola is a 72-year-old Finnish four-time power- lifting world champion who is training for his last world championship, which is due to take place in Argentina. He is determined to take the stage again, before retiring and leaving the sport to younger competitors. Despite his advancing age and the concerns of his grandchildren, Esko wants to prove that a ...


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Harri and Marja lives by the Lake Tuusulanjärvi. In the documentary they tell honestly about the pressures, which comes from artist life. Recently it hasn’t ease the situation that Harri has lost his job as a music professor.

The past follows Jussi and Pasi as they are learning to lead a normal life. Jussi attempts to reconnect with his daughter after decades of alcohol abuse and homelessness. Baba's history with crime complicates the start for his own company. How long will it take to make up for your past?



This film reveals the mysterious events and the powerful message that were censored from the official recordings of the Olympics.This character-driven story has a unique audiovisual style combining a historical story, vintage fashion, Berliner house music and a glimpse of politics.  

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