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Original title of the film: Jälkeläiset

English title: The Descendents

Country of Origin: Finland
Year: 2017

Lenght: 52 minutes
Director: Aino Mättö
Producer: Jenni Niemiaho

Date and place of the world premiere: 


Date and place of the first television screening: 



Composer Harri Vuori and his artist wife Marja live deep in the woods in Finland. Their life hasn’t always been easy. In the documentary they tell honestly about their financing problems and pressure to make good art. Recently it hasn’t ease the situation that Harri has lost his job as a music professor, because University of Helsinki decided to quit 375 years old tradition: teaching composing. Also Marja lost her job as a music teacher. They still have each others and the music and art, that is enough to cope in life.


Filmmaker's view

Written by Aino Mättö

I have been trying to find the core of the art itself and philosophical points of art since I was fifteen years old. This documentary for me was a journey to the world of art and my own being as an artist. All the cast in the film are selected by the one characteristic point of view, they have chosen to live a life as an artist even though it sometimes might be a hard choice. The best thing I have learned during this journey, is that an artist has to be true and honest to himself no matter what - even if it means sacrifices.

During the production I get to know wonderful artists who has no reason to explain their art to anybody, they just make it in their own way. However the situation changed and got political, because the main characters lost their jobs as a music professors. They needed to start to explain that why is art so important for a humankind.

This documentary is a honest story about passion, love and sacrifices.


Worldwide distribution rights still available, except SAARC area.

Sales and more information

Jenni Niemiaho
+358 40 1676680

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